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Deepika English Medium School

Deepika's social environment is shaped by many factors:

The school’s espoused goals and values
The principal’s leadership style
The faculty’s teaching and discipline methods
The policies regarding grading and tracking
The inclusion or exclusion of students and parents in the planning and decision-making processes

  • At Deepika we teach your child to adapt to uncertainty and change.
  • we teach them to work successfully in groups and think critically to solve problems
  • And more importantly to tolerate ambiguities
Experience might not necessarily be the "best" teacher, but it almost always results in the most enduring lessons.
At Deepika our teachers have their full attention towards students progress and motivation.
The constant attention to our students help them push their boundaries.

  • Spacious workspace for better concentration.
  • Lablaboratory fully equiped,
  • Equipments constantly being updated with time
Good infrastructure provides best place to work or study.
Deepika has the best infrastructure your child will ever need.
The beautiful lawn,the playground will help to keep the mental peace and fitness

For Parents / Guardians

  • Parents are requested to inform the office about change in their addresses and telephone numbers and to make necessary entries in the hand book if their son / daughter / ward is absent from the school or if he / she is late any day.

  • Parents / Guardians are requested to see that the children / wards bring this hand book to the school every day to check any assignment; home work etc. daily.

  • Parents / guardians are welcome to meet the Principal / Sr. Head Master during School hours but in no case Parents / Guardians will be allowed to meet the Teacher in the class room when he / she is taking a class. Prior permission from Principal / Sr. Headmaster has to be taken to meet a teacher.

  • Teachers have been directed not to undertake private tuitions. Co-operation of parents / guardians is solicited.

  • Parents/ Guardians are free to consult the Principal for any kind of help in the academic or any other field relating to the progress of their children on all working days during the prescribed hours.

  • Parents / Guardians are requested to make it convenient to attend Parent-Teacher meetings & give their valuable suggestions for future improvement.